#1 Itinerary of Ferrara – Better to be alone than in bad company

Here we are with the first English itinerary of Ferrara by Cappellacci a Merenda.
You could find here the Italian version of this post.

Ferrara is the city of bicycles, but with this first itinerary of Ferrara, we discover it on foot.
Ferrara is the city that usually people visit in an afternoon, with little itineraries, sometimes original, sometimes more conventional, discovering past times’ streets, discovering ancient legends or just to walk in the less frequented routes.

This itinerary of Ferrara is a new way to see the city, it’s a bit particular, I named: in Ferrara, better alone than in bad company.

#1 Itinerary of Ferrara - Better to be alone than in bad company

Main streets: Via Coperta – via Voltacasotto – via Saraceno – Via Vecchie – Via Savonarola – Via Madama – Via Scandiana

This itinerary was born a bit by chance, above all by the desire to walk near the historic center without running into crowds, chaos, etc. A path to leave me alone to meet the oldest part of the city and at the same time stroll in relaxation and tranquility!



The starting point is the historical Via Coperta, so called because in the past it was precisely surmounted by faces (volti), now disappeared. We continue to the intersection with via Voltacasotto, here we can start to travel with the mind and go back in time, trying to imagine the ancient Castle of the Adelardi, a place where he set up Obizzo D’Este from 1187 until 1188.

Precisely at this intersection, there was also another building, the Pisani house, also called Casa del Capitano. In this evocative place, Garofalo seems to have lived with his family.

From here we will begin to delve into the living of the Byzantine castrum and by appealing to our imagination, we could taste the air of the era, the colors of the streets, the extension of the buildings now disappeared. Although it is difficult to perceive, we are actually walking in the very first nucleus of Ferrara, from here everything started, from the castrum, the military fortification built by the Byzantines of Ravenna.

Proceeding with the itinerary, we will also go ahead in time. We will drive along one of the most ancient streets of Ferrara, Via Saraceno. This street has always fascinated me, its evocative views recall its medieval origins. But let’s continue! We immediately turn into Via Vecchie to go and admire one of the most photographed buildings in Ferrara!

#1 Itinerary of Ferrara - Better to be alone than in bad company
Via Saraceno

From here our itinerary of Ferrara is now coming to an end, we take via Savonarola, savoring a bit of the university Ferrara to the intersection with Via Madama, then turn onto the last of our streets, Via Scandiana. Here we will meet the church of Santa Maria in Vado, which existed before the year 1000! It is one of the most beautiful churches in Ferrara, made famous for the miracle of 28 March 1171. This church was later enlarged under the will of Ercole I d’Este, who also commissioned the expansion of the nearby Palazzo Schifanoia, which we can find on the other side of the road.

#1 Itinerary of Ferrara - Better to be alone than in bad company
Santa Maria in Vado

Our itinerary of Ferrara is now ended, but for those who still want to walk, just at the end of the street, on the other side of the road, you will find access to the walls to continue the tour immersed in nature!

#1 Itinerary of Ferrara - Better to be alone than in bad company
Le mura

Highlights – first itinerary of Ferrara:

  • La casa del capitano
  • Castello degli Adelardi
  • Via Vecchie
  • Chiesa di Santa Maria in Vado
  • Palazzo Schifanoia


So, what do you think of this first itinerary of Ferrara? Let’s leave a comment below and have a nice journey in Ferrara!

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